Broad St Mall, Reading

2024 Updated Proposals

Updated Plans

In Summer 2023 a series of public exhibitions were undertaken to explain emerging proposals for the part redevelopment of Broad Street Mall.

170 people attended the exhibitions and over 1,000 individual users reviewed the proposals on this website. Background detail and the original proposals remain on here to assist with comparison of the new scheme.

The response to our redevelopment proposals was generally positive and comments provided have enabled further improvements to the scheme ahead of submission early in 2024.

To respond to comments made during our earlier engagement with Planners, Councillors, local stakeholder groups, residents and businesses, the following changes have been made to the scheme:

  • Provision of increased vertical emphasis to provide a slender built form
  • Change in the rhythm of horizontal banding within the tower structures to help accentuate the vertical emphasis within the design
  • Change to the lantern structures that complete each tower to enable structural columns to extend to roof level and provide a lighter crown to the buildings
  • Provision of balconies to support proposed internal and external amenity spaces
  • Delivery of a significantly-increased quantum of larger 2 bed and 3 bed units
  • Increased tree and shrub planting, public art and provision of multi-use spaces with a view to coordinating this with proposals at the Minster Quarter
  • Inclusion of the concrete car park frieze within the parts of the external façade and direct references to this introduced into scheme design and the public realm
  • Alterations to internal layouts within Block D, alongside external façade changes to provide greater contrast and separation from the proposed tower structures
  • Provision of a highly sustainable, energy efficient building that meets policy