Broad St Mall, Reading

2023 Proposals


We are proud of the significant work we have put into this project to date and we look forward to receiving your comments on our proposals.

The drop-down menu provides links to the full detail of our proposals, from Public Realm to Placemaking.

In general, our response to the Need for Change can be defined as follows:

  • Deliverability – our proposals will partly demolish the existing shopping centre to allow the structures to be build from the basement level upwards. We are also providing a new car park ramp
  • Apartment design – All apartments now meet Nationally Described Space Standards (NDSS) and all are designed to be wheelchair adaptable (M4(2)) or wheelchair accessible (M4(3)). Use of traditional materials provides for a higher-quality architectural response to the surrounding area
  • Fire Safety – All residential blocks feature dual stair cores as a means of access and escape
  • Affordable Housing – the proposals are ‘tenure-blind’ and seek to provide greater quantum in larger sized units and a more appropriate mix
  • Massing and Layout – By building from basement level upwards, the towers can be located as envisaged by planning policy and better address street level. The removal of Block E reduces impact on Oxford Road
  • Amenity – providing a range of internal and external amenity spaces throughout the development allows a better user experience and greater interaction/surveillance with Dusseldorf Way
  • Planning Policy – more efficient use of the site allows more housing to come forward without corresponding impact on surroundings
  • Emerging Minster Quarter proposals – the development has been designed to integrate with the emerging proposals for land to the south, allowing the wider site to come forward and rejuvenate this area of the Town Centre